Old: 1979
Work: Network Engineer
Who: Eli Barb, Travelingbeard, Peregrine Barbarossa, Eli Schmeli Barbwire Fence, Red Beard, the bearded samurai, Thursday, Uncle Lion, Randy, Alfred S.

What: I’m a beard wearing, mustache waxing, suspender sporting, man of a man.
One who prefers Sunday Morning Comics to Sunday Morning News
A connoisseur of cartoons, appreciator of Muppets, practitioner of pipe smoking and aficionado of root beers, delighting in delicious Indian cuisine.
GK Chesterton admiring
Fiat driving, rally racing, Star Wars watching
Cyrano de Bergerac revering
1st semester Spanish speaking
Imperfectly sinfulĀ and yet loved by God
Thankful for grace & humbled by the gift of blood
Vintage MAC restoring
Traveler, nomad, wanderer
late night bicycler, outdoorsman
Writer, Singer
Music loving, LP spinning, bowler wearing, uncle Lion.
This is the man I am