• Black Betty

    She explodes onto the scene boisterous and beautiful. The princess tomboy incessantly playing in the mud, making boys cry out for their mothers, enticing and intoxicating, unreservedly Italian to the core. Download video: MP4 | Ogg | WebM Share on Facebook

  • Sweet Pea

    A spry 39 years young, tipping the scales at 1653 lbs, packing a massive 47 horsepower. Sweet Pea aptly named for her original Fiat pea green and diminutive size. Don’t let the name fool you though this Italian beauty is anything but a mousy little breadbox. She will not yield to the all-wheel drive playthings currently …

  • Pip Squeak

    Hiding out in the shadow of the muscle car legends of the late 60s Pip Squeak quietly awaits the chance to assert herself on the track. Throwing around 1590 lbs of Italian metal with only 47 ponies to the wheels requires her drivers to be of the utmost skill in order to put her on …

  • Squirt

    The hobo gypsy relative. Unpredictable, unstable, always needing money or a place to stay. Yet somehow able to fill your time together with zany adventure and mischief. Ludicrous in disposition, ridiculous to a fault. Ripe for ridicule, but always crazy fun. Share on Facebook